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Who is this mysterious Jefferson Souza?

Going back to the 90’s, Jefferson Souza and the Blue Planet Project seem to be intertwined. But, when The Blue Planet Project Book was first released, no one wanted to take responsibility for it.

The author was described as “Anonymous” and the book was uncopyrighted, with a strange explanation about it being in the public domain because the notes it was based on were government property.

Although there always has been a lot of interest in The Blue Planet Project, it hasn’t been available in a printed format in a long time, just a few scattered postings online and mentions in chat rooms and on UFO TV specials.

Then us here at Wicked Wolf Press got a hold of it cleaned it up so it was readable and put out a revised, updated edition. Then a month or so later, Amazon dropped all listings for it and posted a notice about it being out of print and no copies available, very interesting!

Maybe The Blue Planet Project really is a hot potato!

Here’s an old news clipping I found online which maybe gave him reason to be cautious: 


Researcher Jefferson Souza [Vegan - Ummo contactee] arrived at a UFO Conference in May of 1990 bearing information that included data about which corporations were producing helicopters with gravity assist, as well as information about their use in cattle mutilations. Four men appearing like classical MIB (Men In Black), took the documents, and threw him back on a plane to New York.

While Jefferson Souza seems to be the author or at least the person who introduced it to the public, is he the one who was actually a government scientist and wrote the notebooks on which the book is based?

Well, on this page is a security clearance ID with his name on it. Plus there are several things in the life of Souza that parallels the life of the scientist who wrote the notebooks such as his have been in hiding for a long time and he is still very secretive.

It was very difficult to find a photo of him. The closest match I could find online is shown at the top of the page. This photo was most likely taken a long time ago, even if it is him!

From an article on line: According to some stories, Jefferson Souza 'went missing'.

Here’s an interesting post on a forum:
The fact that there is someone posting on the forum as 'Jeff Souza' and clearly giving the impression that he was the originator of the first published book seems strange to me. Either it is him, or someone posing as him. His joining date was October 2013!

In one of Sousa's posts he states:

The original Blue Planet Project Notebooks were handwritten by their owner at the First International UFO Congress held in Tucson Arizona held from May 3rd thru the 7th in 1991. The notebooks were grey Composition Graph Notebooks with sketches, diagrams, formulas, charts and information about Extraterrestrial data collected from various sites around the world. 

The Congress was founded by Lt Colonel Wendelle Stevens, retired US Air Force pilot turned UFO investigator and researcher. Lt Col Stevens was assigned to Wright Field in 1946, and his research on UFO’s began there with all of the information about the Roswell crash in 1947. .

Lt Col Stevens was assisted with his Hosting duties at the Conference by his good friend Command Sergeant Major (ret.) Robert O. Dean, who claims he saw a "Cosmic Top Secret" briefing document on UFOs when he worked on the General Staff at SHAPE (Strategic Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe) in the mid-1960s. 

The Conference theme was: Extraterrestrials Are Visiting Earth.

Notice something interesting in the above forum posting? The two mentioned above (Stevens and Dean), although not scientists, they could have been the ones passing the info Jefferson Souza and it was blamed on a scientist to protect the actual leakers!
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