19) Book of Alien Races

Possibly one of the most revealing and controversial documents originating from Russia has now been made available to you in print!
Has this book put us a giant leap ahead in the search for answers about the extraterrestrials? That’s a question you will have to answer for yourself, but I guarantee you will not be the same after reading this information and examining the many facts, photos, illustrations and drawings.
Ever since “The Book of Alien Races” was translated from Russian into English by Dante Santori, a former special forces sergeant from Europe, this secret book has created a major stir among researchers.
The USSR, throughout history, has been a treasure trove of information on ETs and their craft. We’ve long had hints on their abilities to obtain UFOs and make contact with aliens. But this information was well-hidden behind the Iron Curtain. Now, with the release of this book, all that has changed!

20) Montauk Project


Now with the release of the MONTAUK PROJECT BOOK, the whole story can finally be told!
You will discover the shocking secrets hidden until now behind the stories of the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Base with up 12 underground levels that may still be operating, and Brookhaven National Laboratory which dates back to the Philadelphia Experiment and is still operating today!
Brookhaven not only may have inherited the shocking projects from the Montauk Base, but appears to have turned them into the most bizarre assortment of Earth-Shattering discoveries that ever existed in the name science, human control and warfare!
Plus, there are so many rumors that Brookhaven may have been involved in some of the major tragedies affecting not only Long Island, but the World!
In writing this book, I wanted to finally search out the Montauk Base mysteries that have intrigued me since 1981!

5) Remote Viewing Aliens 

Remote Viewing is a powerful tool for discovering and even communicating with aliens! Check out these amazing Alien Remote Viewing Results! Now you can discover what the aliens are really up to!

2) Lost Chapters

The rest of the Blue Planet Project, that mysterious book that revealed the secrets of aliens, UFOs and government cooperation written by Jefferson Souza! Alien Technical Research, Alien Pharmacology for Humans, Alien Languages and Writings, the revised periodic table.

8) Alien Underground Bases 

Complete guide to ALIEN BASES on Earth - Hundreds of mysterious locations, bizarre technology from the E.T.s and even joint alien/human experimentation! Would the US Government take the release of this information so seriously if there wasn’t anything to it? Just remember what happened to the late Phil Schneider before he could release his book showing the exact locations of underground bases!

11) Blue Planet Mandate

In this new book Blue Planet Mandate, Blue Planet Project author Jefferson Souza has blown the lid off the Alien Conspiracy! No wonder the government wants to keep him locked up! the real answers to what the aliens are doing here, how and why they contact and abduct and transport humans!

Any 10 eBooks only $50.95

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The YELLOW BOOK reveals the shocking history of the aliens on Earth!

12) UFO Crashes Secret Files 

UFO CRASHES – RETRIVALS – COVERUPS: This is the most complete and revealing UFO book yet, it’s like an encyclopedia of UFO crashes, close to 200 of them and covering several thousand years! You are not going to believe your eyes as you read about amazing discoveries, cover-ups and revelations by government insiders. All the details and descriptions of these UFOs will amaze you!


17) Aliens on the Moon

I’ve been able to put together a complete picture of the Moon’s alien presence, based on a long history of Moon observations, scientific facts, official contacts I have that want to see the truth revealed, and most importantly, from NASA, through leaks from their staff, communications, photos and scientific information they have failed to alter, or hide completely.
It must be driving NASA crazy as they try to pretend nothing is going on as they stumble upon alien bases, cities, and industrial applications and aliens are popping up everywhere around them as they are trying to block the camera lenses, turn off radio communications and switch to secure frequencies that we can’t hear.

All 21 eBooks only $89.95

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1) Blue Planet Project Book
This is DISCLOSURE! THE BLUE PLANET PROJECT, a mysterious book, written by Jefferson Souza, has surfaced, outlining decades of cooperation between the U.S. military and alien forces on earth as well as a massive government cover-up!

13) Behold A Pale Horse Revisited

Secrets the government hoped had died with Bill Cooper! Cooper’s secret government documents are finally revealed and brought up to date! This a 2016 look at Bill Cooper’s secrets about UFOs, Aliens, Illuminati and Government Conspiracies! Do you dare to read this book?

16) Shadow Government, Trump and Your Future

Get all the secrets to what’s going on in the government, who’s really running the government and controlling the President! Why we may be facing more false flags under President Trump!
Discover the power behind the Shadow Government's “Continuity of Government” program and how it can be used against us, and even against the president!
The Shadow Government’s secret E-6B plane that can outgun the President’s Air Force One and even start and run wars with nuclear weapons or shut down the whole country! (I’m sure you will want to find out more and see the diagrams.)
Discover how the Shadow Government secretly controls every part of life. How they control and use President Trump. And what they have now planned for America and the World, can we stop them? Protect your future, you need to discover these secrets!

18) Alien Abductions

This book was written to give you answers to the questions we have all had about alien abductions and all the related mysteries. Such as:
>The real purpose behind the implants often found in the bodies of abductees.

>Which alien races are currently visiting us, where they are from and what their intentions are.

>What is really behind these alien abductions, their goals and intentions towards us, and what the future will be for humans on Earth.

>How their hybrid program is working, what parts of it are not successful.

>Discover everything you need to know about these aliens.

>Learn about the abductors that resemble our military and who they really are.

>How the currently operating programs to bring back hidden memories of abductees are working and what has been revealed.

>A review of numerous alien abduction cases.
You will have access to our Alien Abduction Resource Web Page with videos, charts, links, and information on how to get help.

Aliens on the Moon

4) Reagan Briefing Book

“The Reagan Briefing on Roswell” Now they can no longer deny the truth of Roswell! This amazing Transcript of classified tape recording made at Camp David, Maryland during a presidential briefing regarding the subject of UFOs and ALIEN VISITATION of EARTH!

Blue Planet Project Lost Chapters Book

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9) Blue Planet Conspiracy 

We made contact with government informer who created Blue Planet Project Book – He’s revealing everything - you have to read this... Now the whole story of the Blue Planet Project is revealed! Discover why the military and Intelligence agencies hated it and why they will really hate this new Blue Planet Project Conspiracy Book!

7) Nibiru Planet X Book

Planet X is coming! When will it be close to Earth? Don’t rely on all the rumors and scare tactics, get the answers from the experts, get the book that reports all the facts on Planet X:

14) WikiLeaks UFO Files

You’ll soon discover why some government officials want Julian Assange dead, and I assume I won’t be too popular with the government either, now that I’m actually putting some of their most secret info into some many hands!
And all this amazing information is now available to you! Wondering what the government has been hiding behind Top Secret and higher classifications? This is your opportunity to find out.

Reagan Roswell Book
Behold A Pale Horse Revisited

23) The Yellow Book

For years there have been rumors floating around about the YELLOW BOOK and its being an immense source of unlimited knowledge concerning the history of our planet, the history of the aliens on their planet, their interactions with us humans and so much more!

Alien Abduction
Blue Planet Mandate Book
Nibiru Planet X Book

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UFO Crashes

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Remote Viewing Aliens

15) Alien Secrets

Scientists, government officials, military officers and other experts reveal what they know about aliens and this information will knock-your-socks-off…

Among the many experts I’m releasing information from, is the amazing Nikola Tesla. You may have heard of his investigation into strange signals being received from space, but you won't believe that he was actually in continuous communication with the aliens for years usually special electronic equipment and even able to pinpoint where the signals were coming from!
(Information from reliable sources claims that Tesla was receiving help from the aliens in bringing about many of his fantastic inventions!) 
Tesla even designed a flying saucer, figured out how alien craft worked, designed weapons to repel an alien invasion and much, much more.
He was so successful that the government actually seized a lot of his papers and classified many of his inventions as top-secret. His ideas are the basis of the Star Wars system designed to protect the World from an alien attack!

Any 6 eBooks only $31.95

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Book of Alien Races
Secret government files from WikiLeaks

21) Alien Messages

​Aliens are beginning to channel amazing, powerful information to receptive human contacts! This particular alien reveals everything about our world today, offering advice, warnings and predictions!
I’ve seen it recently in my own life where aliens have come through and are claiming to be fed up with the World governments that they’ve had deals with and have continuously been betrayed by the failure of governments to reveal the presence of aliens on Earth.
Instead there are efforts by our governments to villainize the aliens and to keep them quiet about what the World elites have planned for us. The aliens are now stepping up efforts to make us aware of who they are and what they are doing here.
They want to reveal what the elites are really up to and how their plans will greatly affect our lives with the elite’s efforts to control and destroy us.

Any 3 eBooks only $18.95

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Any 10 Books only $129.95

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Blue Planet Project Book

23) The Battle of Los Angeles

​​Here it is, America’s first major UFO controversy!

They tracked a giant alien craft on radar from 120 miles off the coast as it headed towards Los Angeles and followed its deliberate path along the shore, behind mountains and around the largest gun emplacements.

Then after firing over 1400 antiaircraft shells at it, the military said it was nothing, just jittery nerves, our imagination or even a weather balloon.

But the L.A. Times wasn’t afraid that we couldn’t handle the truth that it was a possible extraterrestrial attack and didn’t hesitate to publish that famous photo showing the image of a very large alien craft at the end of the searchlight beams and in the middle of the bursting shells!

And now I won’t hesitate to bring you the full story of what really happened and how many of the Los Angeles residents saw what really happened on that day in 1942, some from close-up!

6) Conversation with Aliens

Alien life has been discovered and they are trying to communicate with us! We are able to reveal what the aliens have to say about what we are doing to our planet, and what's going to happen to us!

Blue Planet Project Book Sale! Prices Slashed!

The YELLOW BOOK reveals the shocking history of the aliens on Earth!

10) Secret Government Projects

SECRET GOVERNMENT PROJECTS: CIA, NSA, DARPA, NASA secrets! UFOs – Ours and theirs! Your Worst Fears About what the Government is doing: Alien Cooperation, Mind Control and so much more! Discover what the government is secretly doing to us. Are you going to let the government scare you away from this information? You need these facts!

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Secret government files from WikiLeaks
Shadow Government Book

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The Blue Planet Project Book started it all and now there are 24 books in the series. Now you can order all 24 or just several and get a quantity discount. Discover these, the most revealing books on UFOs, Aliens and Government Coverups!

Secret Government Projects Book

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3) Secrets of Dulce Base 

Human-Alien Research,   Government Secrecy
Has our government been working with the reptilians without our knowledge? Dulce Base Secret Underground, human-alien research and government secrecy that will shock you! Are these aliens friendly? Are you at risk? What do we do now?

Conversation with Aliens Book
Blue Planet Project Conspiracy Book


Alien Underground Bases Book
Amazing revelations from aliens that will shock you!



Secrets of Dulce Base Book - Human-Alien Research - Government Secrecy