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Death by 5G Towers: Conspiracy to End Mankind

5G Networks, Weaponized Cell Towers, HAARP Weather Modification and Chemtrail Spraying of the Atmosphere have now all been linked together all in one giant conspiracy against us by our government!

They’ve finally created an effective way to get rid of us pesky humans! And who is “They?” we will get to that shortly.

Every part of this new 5G Network program is shockingly destructive to the Earth and to human life itself! I’m sure you will be as shocked as I was when I started looking into all the facts.

Even though this has been introduced as an amazing technological marvel that will offer so much to our world, I believe that instead worldwide suffering and destruction could very well be at our doorstep!

This new 5G technology is not really a step from our present 4G it is a whole new horrendous technology that is already showing signs of damage to human life, but also to the environment, plant and animal life.

So if you survive the EMF radiation, there will be nothing to eat - plant and animal life will no longer flourish! Our atmosphere and the surface of our planet will also be poisoned!

Think I’m just exaggerating? Let’s take a careful look at each part of this new technology as I reveal them in this book and then see if you still want to take the risks.

The piggybacking of the Chemtrails with the 5G network. Yes, the Global Geoengineering Program which threatens our health and environment by spraying heavy metals into the atmosphere will be teamed up with the 5G network giving them the ability to rapid spread what amounts to “Death Rays” around the World causing wide-spread destruction of human life on this planet! There will be no hiding from it.


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The Ultimate Conspiracy That May Destroy Us

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This is a mass surveillance system. They can track and trace anyone anywhere which this technology.

Additionally, it’s equipped with beam-forming technology which allows it to basically lock on to targets and direct a focused beam of electromagnetic waves to that target. You will not be able to escape from this programmed assassination!

Discover every aspect of this program and look at what is happening now and in the future. Will you be able to escape? 

I'm anxious to get this powerful book into your hands - Don't delay! 

Will this be my last book? I may have gone overboard on this book but I have to get this information out there no matter who I upset. They don't like it when you reveal their cover-ups with facts!

When I write these books, I have a small group of friends, former and current military and government, as well as off-world friends who like to share info and ideas to help with these books, and this book is no exception!

I don't have room here to cover everything that's in this book, but I guarantee you will be amazed and overwhelmed by everything that the government has been trying to cover-up!

For example, remember how they've been telling us for years that there is no such thing as Chemtrails, that they are just plain old contrails? And it is just our imagination?

Well, I got a hold of the Air Force's official operating manual that explains what Chemtrails  are, why they are doing it and how they do it!!! 

So did I hide it away in one of my super-secure file cabinents and pretend like I didn't see it? No... I have reproduced it and published it at the end of this 5G Towers book. (Yes, I do have a lot of nerve!)

Are you ready to read this revealing book?

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project