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Does anyone know what the Alien Agenda on Earth really is? Maybe not, but I’ve come very close to it with this book!

As you are well aware, there are numerous different alien species here on Earth at this time and just as many agendas, negative, positive and indifferent.

I’ve discovered so many possibilities and covered all angles so as to have a good idea as to what’s happening here as well as what’s going to be happening in our future.

Who else could have done all this for you?

While a lot of what I’ve covered in this book may at first appear to be negative, I have reason to believe that the overall outcome will be positive!

After all, this planet is a protected garden planet and even though there are many bad players among those interested in us and our planet, there are some powerful groups that have a lot invested in making sure us, as a species, continue to develop as was planned in the beginning when we were created.

And this planet is too valuable to let it continue on this downward spiral we are now on without an intervention!

Chapter 1

They are here now …8

Chapter 2

Disclosure …8

Chapter 3

Are Aliens on Earth Intent on Colonizing Humans? …29

Chapter 4

Where Are the Aliens on Earth Hiding? ...36

Chapter 5

Remote Viewing the Aliens in their Bases …47

Chapter 6

Insight into the Aliens …54

Chapter 7

Alien/Human Interbreeding …57

Chapter 8

Alien Races Suspected of being on Earth …64

Chapter 9

More on Knowledge Imparted to Earthlings …91

Chapter 10

Positive Aspect of the Alien Visitors …94

Chapter 11

What is the Alien Agenda for Earth? …97

Chapter 12

Realigning our Own behaviors …105

Chapter 13

Alien Intervention on Earth – Fifth Dimension …111

Chapter 14

Transhumanism and the Future of Humanity: …114

Chapter 15

Super-Intelligence and Eternal Life: …116

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Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project