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A Blue Planet Project Book:

Area 51, for years shrouded in secrecy… until now!

I’m Gil Carlson and I’ve written 31 books on aliens and conspiracy, all based facts that the government has been trying to hide from us and I’m not stopping now! Want to see maps and photos?

​I have the answers to what’s really going on at Area 51! Aliens and alien craft that they say has never been there and doesn’t exist, ready for the proof that I possess? And there are those top-secret supersonic planes such as the U-2, Oxcart, Blackbird and A-12 that are associated with Area 51, but I’m going to let you know about the ones that are still being kept secret!

What’s it like inside Area 51 that is kept secret from outsiders? Want to see my maps and pictures? Want to Storm Area 51? You may change your mind once you see what I reveal about their security system!


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Still going to Area 51?

This will be the most helpful book you can use, but I’d advise you to just stay home read this book and discover more than you learn by going there and getting shot at!

Discover underground facilities, black ops weapons systems, mind control and teleportation! What does Robert Lazar have to say about Area 51 and the aliens? Their technology?

Just released and will soon be the classic book on Area 51 unless it is banned first.

Are you ready to read this revealing book?

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project

​ISBN: 978-1513653419    



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​​You are going to get a large comb-bound government report style manuscript with 116 big 8.5 x11 size pages!

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Area 51 Secrets

Guide to Storming

Area 51 and Secrets

of the Aliens