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Do you know what awaits you and the two million others?

I can tell you because I just got away with a copy of the Area 51 Security Manual! And this is really revealing. To begin with, it describes everything about the super high-tech sensors that cover Area 51.

In the section on “Field Sensor Guide” it describes the sensors planted throughout the ranges. They look like pots and are marked “Government Property” and they are able to monitor vehicles and individuals entering leaving Area 51 through the BLM public lands land next to Nellis.

These sensors are spaced every half mile or so. Triggering them will soon bring the security guards, better known as the “Camo Dudes” to block your entry onto Area 51.

You’ll also discover so much amazing secret info about Area 51 once you get your hands on one of these Security Manuals such as other intrusion detection systems, security standard operating procedures, and other emergency procedures. Find out what is happening behind the scenes at Area 51.

And yes, I’ve arranged to share these with you, but be advised that there are only so many available, so don’t delay.

Just why am I trying to make it easy for someone to storm Area 51 and steal an Alien? Actually, I’m not! You and a few of your friends will not stand a chance, even with the help of this Security Manual.

I’m hoping that reading this Security Manual will make you realize how futile any attempt to trespass onto or near Area 51 will be and maybe I can save a few lives.

All the publicity has made Storming Area 51 seem like another Woodstock. Just consider that there will not be any McDonalds, gift shops or port-a-potties.



This is the highest security base we have; they won’t even let the President in, do you think they’ll let you sneak in? These folks had a part in developing mind-control weapons, reengineering alien weapons, microwave crowd control and even plasma weapons that can shoot down UFOs!

They have the U.S. Army at their disposal, and nukes are stored right next door. And who knows what kind of secret weapons they have developed that would turn everyone into Jello!

They could just seal themselves up in their bunkers and let the two million invaders run wild and soon they’d run out of food and waters and start attacking their friends for their supplies. And then many would get lost and not find their way out of there and die from heat and exposure.

And don’t forget about the deadly rattle snakes, the soil which has been contaminated with radiation and who knows what else. They could even practice spraying chemicals over the crowd chemtrail style. Or even test a nuke at the test site next door so everyone would go home glowing in the dark.

Consider that maybe this is just a government plot to bring people there because they ran out of food for the aliens!

My friend, just stay home and read your copy of the Security Manual. And show it to your friends and explain that you just returned home from Area 51 after breaking into the security office and stealing their manual.

This will make a great souvenir of the “Storming of Area 51” madness!

Can you imagine someone resorting to stealing the Security Manuals from those Camo Dudes?

 (Yes, I do have a lot of nerve!)

Are you ready to read this revealing book?

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project


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