Blue Planet Conspiracy

Jefferson Souza has been found and he revealed all his secrets in this  book!​


For the first time the full story of the Blue Planet Project is revealed…

Discover why the military and Intelligence agencies hate it!

The scorpion that will

come back to sting those who have turned it loose!

(Paraphrase of a comment about the Blue Planet Project Book made to Jefferson Souza by an NSA agent) 

We found Jefferson Souza and He Revealed A Whole Book Full of Government and Alien Secrets!

That mysterious "anonymous" author of the Blue Planet Project has been discovered and he revealed so much information for us that we had to put out this new book with all the amazing revelations!

You may have thought the Blue Planet Project was revealing, but wait until you read this!

Find out why no one has heard from him in years, find out where he is and see the photo of where he has been living!

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Hi Gil, can’t thank you enough for the new book! I opened it and immediately started reading it... OMG... this is your best work yet! You are DOING such an incredible service it is hard to put into words. It just amazes me after so long trying to get this information.... I can’t get enough of it, terrific.

     --Larry T.

Read the special message he has written for you! Read the secrets of how and why the Blue Planet Project came about and what the codes mean. Find out why the government hated the Blue Planet Project and get an idea of why they will hate this Blue Planet Project Conspiracy Book even more!

Are you ready to hear about his methods for hacking into government files? And what he discovered in these files? And even what he reveals about where his best information came from? If you have read the Blue Planet Project, you absolutely have to get this book!

Should I be nervous about publishing this book? Should you be nervous about reading it?

There is so much in this book that I just can't reveal it all here, just take my word for it, this is amazing, you have to have it!

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Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Press

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You are going to get a giant spindle-bound (this makes it easier to lay flat and study all the information crammed inside here) manuscript with 84 big 8.5  x 11 size pages!