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 up-to-date BOOK on  COVID-19 AND CORONAVIRUS!

Find our what they are hiding from you!

  • Complete list of Coronavirus global cases.
  • Inadequate protective gear for medical workers.
  • Cases have dropped sharply in South Korea - Why?
  • Protect yourself during these times.
  • Trump backs away as official says she had fever.
  • Drug and food manufacturers.
  • Gil’s crazy health beliefs
  • Your best defense against Coronavirus.
  • Your Immune System.
  • Symptoms start slow and worsen quickly.
  • Age not the only risk for severe coronavirus disease.
  • This is what Coronavirus does to your body.
  • The critical resource that is in short supply.
  • Post Intensive-Care Syndrome: More problems after recovery.
  • Signs you might have the Coronavirus if you have few symptoms.
  • China Conspiracy Theories.
  • Is there a Wuhan – Hong Kong Connection?
  • Wuhan China – Where it all began.
  • The case for an accidental leak in Wuhan, China.
  • Our dependency on China.
  • Mysterious Spanish Flu of 1918.
  • Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • Testing of Bioweapons by US Government on citizens.
  • Countries that Have Biological Weapons.
  • China’s Biological Weapon History.
  • China’s Genetic Weapons: CRISPR, and Gene Editing
  • New life into theory of Coronavirus as a Bioweapon!
  • Human Error in High-Biocontainment Labs: A pandemic threat.
  • Biosafety Level 3 Lab (BSL3) and Biosafety Level 4 Lab (BSL4).
  • Lab Created Mammalian-Airborne-Transmissible Virus.
  • Release of Potentially Pandemic Pathogen into Community.
  • High Percentage of Human Error.
  • 128 Incident Reports.
  • Releases from High Bio-secure Level Labs.
  • GAO Report on Inadvertent Release.
  • 15% Probability of Release into Community.
  • A whole new world of Government Surveiiance. why are we weaker and the government is stronger? What's next?

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project

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This Coronavirus epidemic has sure messed things up for so many folks around the World. In my life over the years, it seems that almost everything I was hit with, and that seemed to make a complete disaster out of my life at the time, actually seemed to make my life better when the dust settled. And this pandemic will soon pass, but there are things that have happened and things still happening that will affect your life.

And you are not going to learn everything from your TV! Sure, there’s a great deal of info on TV today, but it is also the news, impressions, directions and emotions they want to direct at you. What’s most important for you to know may be withheld from you, so be careful!

Even the help we are being given, such as the stimulus packages, may allow the government more control over our lives. Although it will help many people and has to be done.

Notice how we our quickly losing our freedoms? Not that this help isn’t something we don’t need, but government controls are increasing and never go away when the problem ends! Wait till I explain about all the new and powerful surveillance programs being instituted by many of the governments around the World! It is shocking!

Here’s a sampling of what’s in my new book:

  • There’s something off with the Coronavirus Timeline.
  • Revealing information about the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Wuhan-400 Bioweapon in The Eyes of Darkness.
  • Psychic predictions regarding the Coronavirus.
  • Coronavirus kills Chinese whistleblower doctor.
  • A bunch of conspiracy theories for you.
  • Origin of the Coronavirus examined.
  • More Coronavirus Conspiracies.
  • Coronavirus Background.
  • Update on the Coronavirus.