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This knowledge will lead you to the realization of what you have been missing by thinking of your life just in terms of a physical existence and creating with just a physical process exclusively when everything here around us, including our human forms were created first in etheric, non-physical forms and then extended into the physical substances. And we thought that the physical all that was behind all this. You are going to be for a surprise!

Yes, you will discover tons of amazing and shocking information on all versions of the Greys, and their relation to other alien groups. But what may be more ___ is they are revealing their connection with humans and amazing information about us, our history, the present and the future!

Grey Aliens are the most widely recognized extraterrestrials and the first that come to mind when we think of alien abductions.

Are you aware of the harvesting of souls by the Greys? And the origins of the Greys and their intervention with us as humans?

Find out about the light-plasmic language that they use on meta-atomic levels when working on us!

Are you ready for the species leap, that’s what this is all about!

 “Any woman who gives birth today could well be the new Mitochondrial Eve, the mother of the new species.. .” 

Is this is the book that will finally bring on disclosure?

And remember, I guarantee you will love this book or I will give you a full refund! 

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project

You may feel that this a just a book on aliens, but you are in for a shock! For you are going to begin an experience of great magnitude that no mere book can open you up to!

To begin with, you will amazing secrets of the Grey Aliens, information you didn’t realize existed in a format available to us Earthly Humans. This will then lead you to discovering what they know about us and the Universe. What has happened in the beginning, the present and the future.

Receive knowledge of steps they are taking to enhance us, why and how. Find out where all this is going. Learn about the new Global-Vision that we are being enhanced with.

You will be told so many secrets of the Earth, Universe and galaxies in the words of the Greys through the efforts of several channelers. Just reading these enlightening messages from the Greys will cause your consciousness to rise to higher levels understanding than ever before!

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Grey Aliens

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Find out who the Greys are and at the same time discover who you are!