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​​Inside This Book:
1.What is Nibiru?
2.Orbit of Nibiru
3.The Tablets of the Anunnaki 
4.Hints of Nibiru nearing Galaxy
5.The background on Nibiru
6.Who are the Anunnaki?
7.IS Nibiru Inhabited?
8.Scientists Admit Nibiru Exists
9.When Will Nibiru Get Here? 
10.Likelihood of a Pole-Shift 
11.Bible events Related to Nibiru
12.When Will Nibiru Get Here?          Info From Scientists 
13.When Will Nibiru Get Here?          Info From Psychics
14.The Orbit of Planet Nibiru
15.What Astronomers See Now
16.Astronomers Being Silenced?
17.Astronomer Harrington
18.Dr. Rand on Nibiru
19.Nibiru Orbit and the Pole Shift
20.Latest Scientific Evidence
21.Earth Changes From Nibiru 
22.Surviving the Pole-Shift Event
23.Personal Disaster Preparation
24.Government Preparations
25.Comments on Nibiru
26.Message from the Anunnaki
27.Is Nibiru just a Hoax?

Its time to get the truth about Nibiru!

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Press

Just like you, I too have been extremely interested in the concept of a Planet X, but there just hasn’t been enough current information in print that accurately applies to what is happening today.

That is what necessitated this new book, Nibiru, stuffed full of the latest information, charts, calculations, comparisons and suggestions! 

In the days ahead we may be facing unprecedented changes in our lives, so it is important that we have the latest information and most accurate facts available, that's why I am so anxious to share this with you!

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