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Past Lives

​​You are going to get a large comb-bound government report style manuscript with 98 big 8.5 x11 size pages!

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Yes, it's me. Gil Carlson the one who has been bringing you all these Alien and UFO books.

(In my personal life I'm also known as Gary Carlson.)

Writing about all this stuff has always been fascinating to me, but when the bizarre actually reaches out from beyond the veil and personally grabs you it is truly bewildering.

And then when you start to realize that an amazing plan is being worked out to correct a something that happened in your previous life and that all this was in the works since 1748, that can really mess up your mind!

​Then imagine all this crazy stuff about a previous life starts being revealed and fits in perfectly with your current life plus several sources verify the information, then you will have an inkling of what we have been going through for a year and a half.

And now that we've gone through this successfully, this book will bring us closure as well as an opportunity to bring this amazing story to others. What me and Lauren went through and discovered was too important to just to hide on a shelf!

(And yes, Lauren is really that cute in person)

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But read about what happens as this story quickly progresses...

It may shock you

just as it did us!

As you live through the last year and a half with us, I guarantee that just as with us, your head will not be the same again!

Most books written over the years about past lives seemed rather boring to me, but what Lauren and I have just experienced was far from boring, it is something we will never forget…

Something our spirit guides described as:

A MAJOR EVENT that had been in the planning stages since 1748 and could not have taken place until this lifetime!”

Why did Lauren say:

“Have you ever

been a doctor?”

“Why now?”

“Where’s the baby?”

    “We have to find out more!”

Plus, we will show you how to use our secrets, so you can easily discover and benefit from your past lives!

And yes, there are even aliens involved in this true story!

This is an amazing book, I urge you to get it, you absolutely have to read this story!

Once you read this book you will understand why I'm so anxious to get this into your hands immediately.

There will never be another book this powerful. This is the book that was a year and a half in the making - and couldn't be released until now!

And remember, I guarantee you will love this book or I will give you a full refund! 

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project