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Getting any kind of information on aliens by using any other methods over the years has been very limited, confusing and possibly inaccurate.

That’s why remote viewing aliens is such a very exciting method for finally getting questions answered!

And not only are we viewing them, but often two-way communications have been established so that answers have come through from the aliens!

Find out where these aliens are, who they are, what they are doing, what are their plans for us, predications for the fate of Earth, and so much more!

But I must warn you that this isn't for the weak-hearted, some of the answers may shake your faith in religions, our governments, who we are and how we are doing things!

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Press

The newest, most accurate book on discovering what’s going on with extraterrestrials on our planet as well as their home planets.

Remote viewing has proven to be an extremely accurate and revealing “spying” medium.

And now we are revealing the information that has been obtained by a number of different Remote Viewers who have viewed aliens.

These results have been amazing!

Warning! You may be in for a surprise when you discover these secrets of the aliens that are now being revealed by remote viewers!

Secrets that may shock you, and turn your world upside-down as you realize what is really going on in our world!

You just may discover that everything you've learned about man's history on Earth has been wrong!​

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