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Shocking, most revealing, up-to-date BOOK on the Secret Space Program you will ever read!

There have been many strange revelations on our involvement in space over the years. So many bizarre stories have appeared that seem unbelievable which is why I have stayed away from covering them.

But today, as we look at all the programs and discoveries that are now starting to become commonplace in this world and beyond and you realize that these were once considered just sci-fi stories, we will understand that nothing is really impossible today!

Our government has been involved in activities on other planets and even in other galaxies, If you knew the full extent of where we’ve been and what we are doing there, it would take you beyond being shocked.

Then when you understand the fantastic, unbelievable technologies they are in control of, that could destroy vast galaxies and numerous forms of life or also in right hands could be put to use here on Earth to bring amazing improvements in health and longevity, transportation and so much more!

You will soon understand that we are living in a whole new world and they are no longer able to keep it from us… But also, that we as individuals are no longer playing in the sandbox, we now have responsibilities at a much higher level that match the higher dimensions we are entering. What are they? That’s for each one of us to realize and act upon on a personal level!

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project

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A With revelations on the new Space Force and the US Navy Secret Space Program.

This book will take you to where no writer has ever gone before!

Follow along as we reveal:

  • Our presence throughout the galaxy with military and even civilians forced into slavery!

  • Military weapons being used in space!

  • Actual and major planned changes to other worlds

  • Our Moon occupied by human and alien races!

  • Secret bases throughout space!

What part does the Secret Space Program play in the mystery of aliens and UFOs that have plagued us humans on Earth since we’ve been here?

Will this book and its revelations remove your blindfold and free your mind from what’s holding us back? I sure hope so!

Now with the creation of the Space Force, watch for the revealing of the secrets long hidden in the Secret Space Program…

Alien Races we’ve been working with, Exotic Spacecraft, Extraterrestrial Weapons, Technology and so much more!