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This Chinese attack has been focused on efforts to kill our economy, our institutions, our way of life, our people.

China is becoming dominant in the world economy. It is a master of intellectual property theft. It shows strategic genius at cornering essential markets.

It has been staggeringly successful in buying influence among American elites. It is killing us with Fentanyl. And its military buildup is astonishing.

So far, China has been waging a mostly covert war on the United States and our allies. But the war will soon explode into the open.

It will be over Taiwan and will extend to the entire Pacific Theater and beyond. The results will be devastating. America risks a humiliating retreat, with almost unimaginable costs to our economy and security.

Will we survive? This conflict is coming. We’re not ready. China is already attacking America. Is our defeat inevitable? No, but we must change course immediately. And to do that, we must wake up and heed the sobering message I am now revealing! 

Just some of the information from hidden files you will read about: Imports from China and their safety; economic, technologic, military, biologic threats.

Documents revealing U.S. and China military readiness and defense strategies as well as their defense warfare strategies!

Just released September 2023!

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*Defense and strategy secrets from hidden files!

*Destined For War: Can America and China Survive? 

*Will the U.S. Lose the Coming War with China?

*Taiwan’s Defense and American Strategy in Asia! 

*Stealth War: How China Took Over While America Slept!

*The Final Struggle: Inside China's Global Strategy! 

The War with China Has Already Begun, it started as a silent war a long time ago on these fronts: economic, geopolitical, and military!

This war between China and the U.S. is inevitable. When a rising power threatens to displace a ruling one, violence is an almost certain result.

Before it turns into open warfare, America will be disabled and unable to fight back. We will have been defeated without a single shot fired. 

1.This will be done with BIOLOGICAL WARFARE, a new and improved COVID VIRUS! 

2. An EMP ATTACK which the Chinese proved was possible with the recent test flight of the spy balloon which was allowed to travel through the heartland of America! This will wipe out most of our electrical superstructure. The replacement parts we will need to recover are made in China!

3. And now that they control a good part of producing our FOOD and MEDICINE, withholding it or poisoning it would kill off a large portion of our population!

4. Most likely our MONEY SUPPLY will somehow be disabled also!

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The China War Has Begun!

 ​ Gil Carlson