The Great Reset and The Alien Agenda

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The latest Blue Planet Project Book!

Aliens are behind the Secret Government and running The Great Reset! An Alien Intervention is Upon Us!

We must work to preserve Human Freedom!

New Revelations on the Alien Agenda and why Aliens are here among us!

Discover their Shocking Agenda! How they achieve their agenda!

The Truth about:

UFOs! Space Travel! Abductions! Genetic Experiments! What the Government Knows!

Alien Society! Alien Psychology!

How to stop the Alien Takeover! Multi-Dimensional Beings!

Discovering Spirit Guides, Aliens, and Angels!

​How the Hybrid Race on Earth is created!

​Interacting with Aliens! Communicating with Aliens with telepathy!

Locating Aliens and Seeing their Energy Networks! Secrets learned from Alien Abductions!

Total of 104 Large 8-1/2" X 11" pages, and are plastic spindle bound so they lay flat for easy studying.

This is the same style used for top secret government reports.

Plus, the contents also resemble something you would find in a top-secret report! 

​You must be completely satisfied with this book or you get a full refund!

This is my most amazing and revealing book yet!

​​​​​​​I know you can’t wait to read this book so these are ready to ship out to you immediately! 

Gil Carlson    

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