The Hollow Earth Rediscovered-2023 Scientific Study in Light of UFOs and Aliens

Just below the surface of our planet exists aliens, humanoids, and advanced human species as well as UFO’s, yes, not all UAPs come from distant planets! Are ready to get past the myths and find out what’s really going on?

Do you know what’s going on today with underground alien and military bases? And so many more discoveries I’m anxious to reveal to you!

These aliens in very advanced underground bases, what is their relationship to us humans on the surface, and what are their plans for us in the near future? 


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For centuries we have been fascinated with trying to discover what’s really inside our planet, but now it’s time to reveal what’s really going on down there. We can’t just ignore it now that there’s so many startling new discoveries. Are you aware that what they are now discovering in Antarctica may have startling effects on our life and on this planet!

Why is the government covering these new findings and protecting vast areas from intruders with armed guards? And is it true that those who venture into this vast closed off area are no longer seen again?

And Admiral Byrd had an amazing story to tell about his discoveries, but the government quickly silenced him in the name of national security, and destroyed as many books about his discoveries as they could find!

Are you ready to join me on this amazing expedition to below the surface of Earth? I guarantee you won’t be the same when we return! I guarantee this will be like no other book you’ve ever read!

Just released in June 2023!

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The Great Reset Exposed

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*findings from Antarctic explorations with Google Earth photos of Pyramids, Underground Bases, UFOs, Nazi Bases, Operation High Jump!

*Plus, copies of the Admiral Byrd Diary taking you into The Hollow Earth! And discoveries of 163 underground caves, tunnels, bases, and cities with discoveries of humanoids, aliens and even some really scary creatures! 

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 ​ Gil Carlson