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UFO Landing at Socorro: The Zamora Incident

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AMAZING Alien Contact Case Study

Then he observed two beings dressed in overalls and seemed startled by Zamora's presence. Then he heard a loud sound, saw a blue flame underneath the craft, and finally saw it take off in a straight line for several miles.

There were other eyewitnesses at different locations, who also reported seeing the unusual craft in the sky. Plus, investigators - including Air Force personnel, the FBI and Project Blue Book's J. Allen Hynek - thought that Zamora had, in fact, observed something they couldn't easily explain.

The investigation also yielded evidence in the form of landing marks and footprints, as well as scorched brush around the area where Zamora said the object was sitting on the ground. In the end, both the object and the two beings that Zamora described were deemed "unidentified."

Are you ready to discover more about this event and its body of evidence that is considered one of the best documented and most perplexing of all UFO reports?

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UFO Landing at Socorro: The Zamora Incident !

This amazing UFO sighting case will change how you look upon the whole UFO situation and what the government tells us!

· Most complete examination of what really happened at the UFO Landing at Socorro.

· Study of all other UFO landings and alien sightings during this time-period.

· Revealing examination of physical evidence found on the landing site.

· Discovery of additional witnesses to alien craft sighting and landing.
Mystery of symbol on UFOs and revelations of government investigating techniques

This, one of the best-known and strongest UFO cases from the Blue Book files involved Lonnie Zamora, a police officer who witnessed an unknown craft and two short beings in Socorro, New Mexico, in 1964.

While chasing a speeding car, Zamora heard a loud roar and saw a flame rising in the air. When he turned his attention, he noticed a shiny object, Zamora quickly realized this was, in fact, an egg-shaped craft, with an odd, red-colored insignia and no doors or window. It was the size of an average car.

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