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You will soon discover all the secrets of the YELLOW BOOK as well as the RED BOOK, which is a very large book maintained by the U.S. Government and used to record information and revelations of what the aliens have revealed on the history of Earth, about their planet and the Universe! 

This information about the aliens comes from what they’ve learned from the YELLOW BOOK and other intelligence and the some of this highly classified information is used for Presidential Briefings.

Discover how our government has learned to access these secrets in the YELLOW BOOK!

You will be amazed when you read what Bob Lazar reveals about what he gleaned from the YELLOW BOOK’S unlimited source of knowledge and how he claims it works, it is really an eye-opener!

While I don’t claim to have discovered everything there is to know about the YELLOW BOOK, that may be impossible, but you will be amazed with what I have to reveal to you about this alien encyclopedia and everything else that is related to it!

You will discover where the Ebens claim to be from, our creation and why, the source of our religion, what they have recorded about Jesus and so much more that your head is liable to explode!

I'm anxious to get this new book into your hands immediately, and remember, I guarantee you will love this book! 

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Project Press

The YELLOW BOOK reveals the shocking history of the aliens on Earth!

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Are you ready to learn about the Aliens’ "Yellow Book" and how they explain the creation of the Universe? 

For years there have been rumors floating around about the YELLOW BOOK and its being an immense source of unlimited knowledge concerning the history of our planet, the history of the aliens on their planet, their interactions with us humans and so much more!

You may remember Jefferson Souza revealing its existence in the Blue Planet Project Book. Discovering this YELLOW BOOK would yield such immense knowledge that there would no longer be anymore secrets.

The problem is that this YELLOW BOOK isn’t a book, it’s more like an alien iPad with unlimited access to an ultimate source of knowledge and a power source giving it unlimited power!

This YELLOW BOOK device was presented by the Eben Aliens to the U.S. Government and they definitely aren’t about to share this information with us are they?

And they probably won’t be too happy with me revealing all this knowledge to you when they realize that I may have come very close to the truth, but somebody has to do it, and I’m already on their shit list anyway!

Get this powerful, revealing book today and save before it goes up to the regular price.

You are going to get a giant comb-bound government report style manuscript with 148 big 8.5 x11 size pages!

Plus my personal guarantee that you must ne completely satisfied with this book!