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You are going to get a giant spindle-bound (this makes it easier to lay flat and study all the information crammed inside here) manuscript with 132 big 8.5  x 11 size pages! 

And then there are the reported visits by those resembling the Men in Black demanding any evidence they may have of the visit, such as photos taken. And then they are warned to keep quiet about what happened to them.

As I’m sure you are aware, a lot has been written about alien abductions in the past, but you will find this book to be different, this is not entertainment. This book is written for those, such as yourself, who take this subject seriously and want real answers!

You will read about what is going on to investigate the claims of abductees, how the truth is obtained, and what the pitfalls are to the different methods.

This book was written to give you answers to the questions we have all had about alien abductions and all the related mysteries. Such as:

  • The real purpose behind the implants often found in the bodies of abductees.
  • Which alien races are currently visiting us, where they are from and what their intentions are.
  • What is really behind these alien abductions, their goals and intentions towards us, and what the future will be for humans on Earth.
  • How their hybrid program is working, what parts of it are not successful.
  • Discover everything you need to know about these aliens.
  • Learn about the abductors that resemble our military and who they really are.
  • How the currently operating programs to bring back hidden memories of abductees are working and what has been revealed.
  • Review numerous alien abduction cases.

You will have access to our Alien Abduction Resource Web Page with videos, charts, links, and information on how to get help.

When you receive this book, if your first response is too push it away, if you consider it a bit too scary or real, to read at the moment, consider it a possibility that you may have been or still are being abducted and don’t even realize it. Many of us are in that same classification. If that’s the case, there’s information inside that should help you get the answers you need.

This fascinating book can actually be considered Disclosure. While this information is not being released by the government, this is the closest you will get to disclosure!

There is so much in this book that I just can't reveal it all here, just take my word for it, this is amazing, you have to have it!

Get your copy today before the Men in Black knock on my door!​

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Press


Alien contact in the form of human abductions is the best evidence we have that aliens exist and that UFOs are real and are visiting our planet frequently!

But, unfortunately, these contacts are very often ridiculed or received with disbelief. Abductees are shunned or laughed at.

Combine this with embarrassment and the shame felt by these victims and you will wonder why anyone would ever mention these occurrences to anyone.

And on top of that, most abductees probably don’t even remember these occurrences, plus the memories that occasionally pop up are most likely suppressed because they are very disturbing.

And even then, these bits and pieces of memories may actually may be just screen memories planted by these alien abductors to cover up what actually happened to them.

So, what do we do? Will we ever learn the truth?

My Friend, that’s why I finally wrote this book!

Alien abductions are serious business… Something very important is going on and we need to get to the bottom of this and release this information today.

What’s going on now just may be the biggest thing effecting our future the future of the rest of this planet!

While we occasionally hear stories about alien abductions in the media, they are most likely treated lightly, but some researchers claim this is a serious epidemic with the actual occurrences being in the millions!

Are these abductions for real? Well, our government takes these very seriously. Whitley Strieber mentions in his books how after his abductions, black government helicopters showed up in the area. And many abductees have been visited by government agents anxious to find out what they were told by the aliens. Often, these folks are treated as accomplices to the aliens rather than victims.