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And there is so much more to learn from them about the Moon. Yes, we did send astronauts to the Moon, but it wasn’t those we claimed went to the Moon, it was astronauts you’ve never heard of! And they will explain about the technology on the Moon.

Want to find out all the details about Nibiru? Info that the government wants to keep from us but the aliens are anxious to reveal! Advice that just might keep you safe.

Learn the truth about the human race, what really happened here and where we came from. Learn about other alien races as well as what’s happening on other planets.

They have also revealed how their craft works and why we will never be able to duplicate their craft. Amazing secrets of how they are designed and exactly how they travel the great distances, and even why some of them crash when they come to our planet! Information on underground bases, theirs and ours!

Is this really a prison planet we live on? Are we ready for alien disclosure? What about the ancient alien technologies hidden on this planet? Warnings about the extermination of humans planned by our elites! Discover the aliens interest in protecting, us, the animals and this planet.

The various nuclear problems here on Earth and how they will be handled.

They want to demonstrate to you how you can personally take advantage of such things as cosmic power for a better, healthier, and longer life! And even get more info on our lifespan!

Really, this book contains so much knowledge that you need to take advantage of! It’s like all your questions are being answered for the first time.

Everything you wanted to know from an alien’s vast perspective!

​I guarantee you will be enlightened! 

But don’t delay in getting your copy of this, my most revealing book yet, before they try to stop me!

Gil Carlson

Blue Planet Press



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You are going to get a giant comb-bound government report style manuscript with 118 big  8.5 x11 size pages!


Reveals shocking messages from aliens regarding your life and wee-being on Earth today!

An alien speaks out about our planet and how we are being controlled and manipulated!

Aliens are beginning to channel amazing, powerful information to receptive human contacts! This particular alien reveals everything about our world today, offering advice, warnings and predictions!

I’ve seen it recently in my own life where aliens have come through and are claiming to be fed up with the World governments that they’ve had deals with and have continuously been betrayed by the failure of governments to reveal the presence of aliens on Earth.

Instead there are efforts by our governments to villainize the aliens and to keep them quiet about what the World elites have planned for us. The aliens are now stepping up efforts to make us aware of who they are and what they are doing here.

They want to reveal what the elites are really up to and how their plans will greatly affect our lives with the elite’s efforts to control and destroy us.

If you really want to discover what is going on and what has been going on with this planet for eons of years, you need this book. I’m honored to be able to make this information available, even though I‘ve been told that there are those in high positions in the government that are now getting fed-up with me.

This book has been written to let the aliens reveal the truth of our planet, our history here and what is ahead for us, revealing the good as well as the bad so you can be prepared.

The aliens will no longer keep quiet, they want you to know what is really been happening on the Moon, and how we have been banned from the Moon as well as Mars due to our destructive activities.

Yes, you thought it was just one alien base on the Moon that we nuked, they are going to reveal that there were more. And these weren’t bases belonging to hostile alien groups, these were long established bases and trading posts belonging to learned and peaceful alien races.

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