4) Reagan Briefing Book

“The Reagan Briefing on Roswell” Now they can no longer deny the truth of Roswell! This amazing Transcript of classified tape recording made at Camp David, Maryland during a presidential briefing regarding the subject of UFOs and ALIEN VISITATION of EARTH!

Blue Planet Project Book

5) Remote Viewing Aliens 

Remote Viewing is a powerful tool for discovering and even communicating with aliens! Check out these amazing Alien Remote Viewing Results! Now you can discover what the aliens are really up to!

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12) UFO Crashes Secret Files 

UFO CRASHES – RETRIVALS – COVERUPS: This is the most complete and revealing UFO book yet, it’s like an encyclopedia of UFO crashes, close to 200 of them and covering several thousand years! You are not going to believe your eyes as you read about amazing discoveries, cover-ups and revelations by government insiders. All the details and descriptions of these UFOs will amaze you!

Blue Planet Project Conspiracy Book
Blue Planet Mandate Book

15) Alien Secrets

Scientists, government officials, military officers and other experts reveal what they know about aliens and this information will knock-your-socks-off…

Among the many experts I’m releasing information from, is the amazing Nikola Tesla. You may have heard of his investigation into strange signals being received from space, but you won't believe that he was actually in continuous communication with the aliens for years usually special electronic equipment and even able to pinpoint where the signals were coming from!
(Information from reliable sources claims that Tesla was receiving help from the aliens in bringing about many of his fantastic inventions!) 
Tesla even designed a flying saucer, figured out how alien craft worked, designed weapons to repel an alien invasion and much, much more.
He was so successful that the government actually seized a lot of his papers and classified many of his inventions as top-secret. His ideas are the basis of the Star Wars system designed to protect the World from an alien attack!

6) Conversation with Aliens

Alien life has been discovered and they are trying to communicate with us! We are able to reveal what the aliens have to say about what we are doing to our planet, and what's going to happen to us!

9) Blue Planet Project Conspiracy 

We made contact with government informer who created Blue Planet Project Book – He’s revealing everything - you have to read this... Now the whole story of the Blue Planet Project is revealed! Discover why the military and Intelligence agencies hated it and why they will really hate this new Blue Planet Project Conspiracy Book!

Blue Planet Project Lost Chapters Book
Shadow Government Book

17) Aliens on the Moon

I’ve been able to put together a complete picture of the Moon’s alien presence, based on a long history of Moon observations, scientific facts, official contacts I have that want to see the truth revealed, and most importantly, from NASA, through leaks from their staff, communications, photos and scientific information they have failed to alter, or hide completely.
It must be driving NASA crazy as they try to pretend nothing is going on as they stumble upon alien bases, cities, and industrial applications and aliens are popping up everywhere around them as they are trying to block the camera lenses, turn off radio communications and switch to secure frequencies that we can’t hear.

Secret government files from WikiLeaks

1) Blue Planet Project Book
This is DISCLOSURE! THE BLUE PLANET PROJECT, a mysterious book, written by Jefferson Souza, has surfaced, outlining decades of cooperation between the U.S. military and alien forces on earth as well as a massive government cover-up!

Aliens on the Moon

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Nibiru Planet X Book
Behold A Pale Horse Revisited

2) Lost Chapters

The rest of the Blue Planet Project, that mysterious book that revealed the secrets of aliens, UFOs and government cooperation written by Jefferson Souza! Alien Technical Research, Alien Pharmacology for Humans, Alien Languages and Writings, the revised periodic table.

The Blue Planet Project Book started it all and now there are 16 books in the series. Now you can order all 16 or just several and get a quantity discount. Discover these, the most revealing books on UFOs, Aliens and Government Coverups!

Reagan Roswell Book

11) Blue Planet Mandate

In this new book Blue Planet Mandate, Blue Planet Project author Jefferson Souza has blown the lid off the Alien Conspiracy! No wonder the government wants to keep him locked up! the real answers to what the aliens are doing here, how and why they contact and abduct and transport humans!

Secret Government Projects Book
Conversation with Aliens Book

14) WikiLeaks UFO Files

You’ll soon discover why some government officials want Julian Assange dead, and I assume I won’t be too popular with the government either, now that I’m actually putting some of their most secret info into some many hands!
And all this amazing information is now available to you! Wondering what the government has been hiding behind Top Secret and higher classifications? This is your opportunity to find out.

7) Nibiru Planet X Book

Planet X is coming! When will it be close to Earth? Don’t rely on all the rumors and scare tactics, get the answers from the experts, get the book that reports all the facts on Planet X:



Secrets of Dulce Base Book - Human-Alien Research - Government Secrecy

16) Shadow Government, Trump and Your Future

Get all the secrets to what’s going on in the government, who’s really running the government and controlling the President! Why we may be facing more false flags under President Trump!
Discover the power behind the Shadow Government's “Continuity of Government” program and how it can be used against us, and even against the president!
The Shadow Government’s secret E-6B plane that can outgun the President’s Air Force One and even start and run wars with nuclear weapons or shut down the whole country! (I’m sure you will want to find out more and see the diagrams.)
Discover how the Shadow Government secretly controls every part of life. How they control and use President Trump. And what they have now planned for America and the World, can we stop them? Protect your future, you need to discover these secrets!

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8) Alien Underground Bases 

Complete guide to ALIEN BASES on Earth - Hundreds of mysterious locations, bizarre technology from the E.T.s and even joint alien/human experimentation! Would the US Government take the release of this information so seriously if there wasn’t anything to it? Just remember what happened to the late Phil Schneider before he could release his book showing the exact locations of underground bases!

Remote Viewing Aliens

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10) Secret Government Projects

SECRET GOVERNMENT PROJECTS: CIA, NSA, DARPA, NASA secrets! UFOs – Ours and theirs! Your Worst Fears About what the Government is doing: Alien Cooperation, Mind Control and so much more! Discover what the government is secretly doing to us. Are you going to let the government scare you away from this information? You need these facts!

Alien Underground Bases Book
Secret government files from WikiLeaks


13) Behold A Pale Horse Revisited

Secrets the government hoped had died with Bill Cooper! Cooper’s secret government documents are finally revealed and brought up to date! This a 2016 look at Bill Cooper’s secrets about UFOs, Aliens, Illuminati and Government Conspiracies! Do you dare to read this book?

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3) Secrets of Dulce Base 

Human-Alien Research,   Government Secrecy
Has our government been working with the reptilians without our knowledge? Dulce Base Secret Underground, human-alien research and government secrecy that will shock you! Are these aliens friendly? Are you at risk? What do we do now?